USA fans reaction to Landon Donovan’s epic world cup goal (the goal that shook America)

response to an epic second in USA globe cup soccer
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25 thoughts on “USA fans reaction to Landon Donovan’s epic world cup goal (the goal that shook America)”

  1. dfajardo100 says:


  2. Crea7uh says:

    epic goal from about 4 yards out?

  3. sterosso700 says:

    Only Football can give you these very strong emotions….i am italian and i have seen and winned 1982 and 2006….maybe better than sex with megan fox…:)

  4. ken3xd says:

    The game is over, lol jk im Landon donovan

  5. MrE11even says:

    @FinesseShot being an american, i am living for the day when people start calling the game “football” and calling the other game “handegg”

  6. blobman2000 says:

    mad chills yo

  7. TheMusicDude1997 says:

    the goal wasnt epic but

  8. FinesseShot says:

    shame they cant call it football

  9. spd2549 says:

    Chills every time I see this!

  10. desertdubai says:

    football is the numberone game in the world as soccer it is known in america i am a pakistani i love soccer so much that i play and watch it all the time and america should know that soccer in america is now coming of age

  11. smudge4481 says:

    any1 kno where i could buy a scarf like that one at 0:30 to 0:32 the one that guy is wearing

  12. ursdaniel says:

    AHAHAHA,the guy at the store:)))

  13. UDRob says:

    where is the video that 1:00 is taken from? the little kid’s expression is hilarious.

    this is one of my favorite montages. great choice of music.

  14. manonfire215 says:

    lol the owner of the store vs the customer at the end was the best part.

  15. TH3BEARDEDCLAM says:

    This is more exciting than USA actually winning the world cup

  16. MrSaturn22 says:

    older generations still remember 1974 years, when Poland won 3rd place in the World Cup. My generation does not know how it is, leave the group. 2002 – 2006 -2008 on the euro. 2010 was not us. IT must be something impossible to describe

  17. NBGooner7 says:

    LOL at the guy in the store. you got a link to it?

  18. welshdragon182 says:

    @PerformanceClutch that’s because football is the greatest sport on the planet and nothing beats that moment dude when you’re team whoever they be score a dramatic goal like that

  19. ConCon75 says:

    Well done as a Northern Ireland supporter both this kind of underdog spirit and the song especially put chills down my spine.
    Good luck USA!

  20. ZeBron23 says:

    this shit still gives me chills. best sports moment of last year by a landslide.

  21. edwardhancock says:


  22. MrBandgeek95 says:

    i wish the two guys at the store hugged!!

  23. jamal49 says:

    It WAS exciting, wasn’t it? Great video!

  24. Kijzer13 says:

    wow, this video is amazing! Awesome!

  25. bitch17376 says:

    love the vid! <3 🙂

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