USA fans react to Landon Donovan GOAL (suck it Glenn Beck)

A speedy video I put collectively for absolutely everyone that thinks the United States hates soccer(football). The audio is Glenn Beck on one particular of his many rants.
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25 thoughts on “USA fans react to Landon Donovan GOAL (suck it Glenn Beck)”

  1. Titansfanforlife10 says:

    I like soccer and im a white male born in america…………..

  2. robrossil says:

    @ Bahowell 90 minutes of real Football & in leatart football it’s 2-3 hrs of commercials, refs, coaches, sidelines, motarola headsets, huddles, etc. & 15 min of playing action.

    A 2 to 1 score in “real” Football is like saying 14 to 7 in yours….”what a high scoring game!”

    In basketball you fucking jump in excitement for every fucking basket eventhough you know there will be alot more…wow. The score can be 20 to 25 (really 10 baskets to 12 plus a free throw made). In thus game you know

  3. marchingrulez says:

    We don’t want the world cup, huh? Why do you think that USA/England game was a huge deal in, yes that’s right, US FUKIN A, SECONDS after it was drawn?!?! And those guys laughing with him can suck it as well.

  4. lakersalltheway111 says:

    well thats you, jim rome, and other idiots, but well look at the video. theres the rest of us

  5. armyfan50 says:

    shut up glenn beck get out of here

  6. jad3948 says:

    for those who haven’t seen it yet…


  7. ms21209 says:

    What a cunt bag

  8. 1991petrolhead says:

    @BULZZixAGP Himself

  9. BULZZixAGP says:

    who is he referring to when he says “we”?

  10. SalooKaloo says:

    glenn beck is a fucking republican bitch who should get shot in the head no questions asked

  11. bahowell says:

    6 BILLION people on the planet, at LEAST half of whom are on the internet….

    But only 19,000 hits on THIS VIDEO???

    That alone shows just how STUPID you blithering idiots are!. MOST Americans don’t like soccer because it’s 90 minutes of NO SCORING while a bunch of RUNNERS do nothing but run around a big yard…

    Soccer fans are weird, and using it as an excuse to hate ANYONE, proves you people are complete MORONS.

  12. hxcdsal89 says:

    Exile glen beck

  13. Lakonas313 says:

    I pretty sure that there a different between not watching soccer and hateing it.

  14. FrWaters17 says:

    Yep he nailed it, What a dweeb.

    USA all the way in 2014!!!

  15. Trunxx08 says:

    this is why the world hates america. because of stupid fucks like glenn beck

  16. zackgonnasurvivenwo says:

    they do hate soccer. Dont pretend they dont.

  17. wadeownslbjkobe says:

    it doesnt matter how u try to sell it to us, it doesnt matter how many celebrities u get, it doesnt matter how many bars open early, it doesnt matter how many beer commercials they run, we dont want GLENN BECK, we dont like GLENN BECK, we dont like FOX NEWS, we want nothing to do with GLENN BECK, u can package it anyway u want, u can spend all kinds of $, u can force him on our tv sets, we will not enjoy GLENN BECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 08avfclion09 says:

    @FistsOfFury21 the worlds largest and most popular sport

  19. 08avfclion09 says:

    @Darealwhip football the worlds biggest sport.. it will swallow all american sport one day

  20. 08avfclion09 says:

    this guy is a fucking idiot. from a brit.

  21. Darealwhip says:

    Respond to this video…The real truth is painfully hart to watch for many conservatives American like Glenn, soccer will swallow all sports even with the the gross mismanagement by our Football directives. Baseball will be the first casualty then NFL and NBA will the the last. Resistance in futile…Perhaps many NFL owners are getting smart as we talk…

  22. Darealwhip says:

    @FistsOfFury21 Of course the numbers do not lie…If soccer is hated so much why Olympic soccer is not play close to the main venues in USA…?..Ooooh…Perhaps somebody is afraid that Football with suck every body out of other sports. Women….Let me repeat…Women World cup in USA was a sold out….Why college soccer is play away from the two finals…? Perhaps somebody is afraid of a sold out….Why MLS final is play away from the two finalist teams..? Well…because they are idiots.!

  23. FistsOfFury21 says:

    @Darealwhip Dont twist the truth around even though the truth sucks. Soccer is still hated by the vast majority of Americans, let’s figure out how to grow it instead of lying to ourselves about how popular it is. The numbers dont lie.

  24. Darealwhip says:

    @FistsOfFury21 …I think you and Glenn need a good laxative….We just watch…Women World Cup in USA …Let me repeat….Women world cup…For God sake, who da fuck was in the stadiums.?..Mexicans…? LOL….Do not let the MEDIA BRAIN WATCH YOU …It is a fact that Soccer have SWALLOW USA but it is also a fact that SOCCER DIRECTIVES HAVE MISMANAGE THE SPORT why…? Because Logan and Sunil Gulati are not qualified to be in charge…Period…

    MLS ONE LEG FINAL..??? A mediocre coach.?

  25. welshdragon182 says:

    who is this glen beck cunt?

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