PENALTY & GOAL Landon Donovan : Playoffs, LA Galaxy vs Vancouver Whitecaps

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8 thoughts on “PENALTY & GOAL Landon Donovan : Playoffs, LA Galaxy vs Vancouver Whitecaps”

  1. m0rdecai89 says:

    Oh Landon Donavan!

  2. MrTomasCepeda says:

    @Phon Chokecahi he should be called the diving machine

  3. Phon Chokechai says:

    donovan can only score from a penalty kick thats y he got the nick name penalty kicking machine. if it wasnt for penalty kicks he wouldnt have that many goals. terry henry has a lot of goals in mls but it came from skills

  4. thevitalpoint says:

    good thing he used his arm…

  5. Aragorn says:

    The last time I checked the shoulder is still usable to challenge a fair ball.

  6. Titchy85 says:


  7. Thomas Rye says:

    It was the right call only for this reason: Bonjour used his arm to block Donovan and not his body. Yes, Donovan went down pretty easy, but his position was right – a smart play by a veteran. Had Donovan gone done that easy with Bonjour’s body in front of him – couldn’t have been called a PK.

  8. Cees Forman says:


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