MLS Cup 2009 – Landon Donovan Penalty Kick Miss 11/22/2009

MLS Cup 2009 – Landon Donovan of the Los Angeles Galaxy misses a Penalty Kick versus True Salt Lake.

25 thoughts on “MLS Cup 2009 – Landon Donovan Penalty Kick Miss 11/22/2009”

  1. lynchman5555 says:

    @poomplexsoljah very debatable, korea didnt do shit at the world cup

  2. poomplexsoljah says:

    @lynchman5555 yep and that is why korea are better than usa at football.

  3. lynchman5555 says:

    @poomplexsoljah Have you seen the korean league

  4. poomplexsoljah says:

    MLS = Worst League In The World!

  5. DodgyIdeot says:

    haha go and bury your head

  6. eagledetlef says:

    i was at this game.

  7. hr110391 says:

    @redSHIFT69 ouch 100$ down the toilet

  8. dukedodgington says:

    @redSHIFT69 lol how did that bet do for you?

  9. PurpleHearts0628 says:


  10. dudewarp says:

    @bjoc20 I think I missed all their matches in the world cup. oh that’s right… they weren’t there. how funny.

  11. Khayman8888 says:

    @redSHIFT69 You lost 100 dollars, sucks to be you.

  12. redSHIFT69 says:


    i have 500 bones on the US not making the Finals 🙂

  13. Scootypufff says:

    lol hope you enjoyed losing 100 bones

  14. TITTYSAMBO says:

    @redSHIFT69 lol

  15. redSHIFT69 says:

    no one gives a shit if your 1000/1000 making PK’s in scrimmages, irrelevant games, etc.

    Landon baby, I have 100 dollars on you not scoring a goal this World Cup.

  16. Jamille85 says:

    @bjoc20 Are you forgetting Baggio in 1994?

  17. bjoc20 says:

    American football ha ha ha 🙂

  18. KRJtothe3 says:

    thats a first,
    but he just messed up, everybody does it.
    they did good this year 2009 though.

  19. soxnation3419 says:

    yes i did lose a lot of respect for manning as did plenty of other, if u watch sportscenter ud know that. but hell come back

  20. jp992751 says:

    Talk about clutch…Manning really delivered on sunday right? INT and then 4 incompletes into traffic to end the super bowl with your team behind, I guess you must have lost all respect for him too rihgt?

  21. Feanaro5503 says:

    Someone needs to overdub this clip with Bill Simmons talking to Donovan about how he never misses penalties by blazing it over the bar.

  22. ronalhdo44 says:

    Donavon Has only missed 2 PK’s out of more than 100 in his whole pro career so quit talking crap about him. I’d like to c u do better!!!

  23. eeevilzach says:

    I saw it live, was AWESOME!

  24. nachomax says:

    I’ll play against you cock sucker… any time, any field. Fuck off!!! Donovan is good, but he’s cocky and he needs to be humble — he’s no Pelé or Maradona

  25. s0ccer96 says:

    why dont u stop talking shit u bastard

    donovan is good

    i want to see you play soccer

    u proboly suck dick

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