Landon Donovan’s 45 US Goals

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10 thoughts on “Landon Donovan’s 45 US Goals”

  1. FavreianVengeance says:

    Two reasons Donovan are a great scorer: He’s got under-rated speed and he
    is comfortable shooting with his left foot.

  2. walter jimenez says:

    thats in 2nd half

  3. louididdy says:

    @RenyRuIez Duh.

  4. PiquefuckShakira says:

    Best us player of all time much respect for him

  5. Gavin Townsend says:

    we need to put donovan back up top as a striker lol

  6. hengineer says:

    I’m glad you downloaded and updloaded it yourself, sucks that 723 football
    films got his account suspended. I really enjoyed his uploads.

  7. RenyRuIez says:

    @louididdy It’s because it was the World Cup. USA had just advanced to the

  8. ldonovanrox88 says:

    where’s the updated version?

  9. louididdy says:

    Thanks for uploading this awesome compilation. I love how at 1:22 (whats
    his name?) you can hear the announcer’s emotion in his voice: “Donovan
    scooooooorrrrrrrreees! 2-0 United States!!!!!”. Thats awesome.

  10. walter jimenez says:

    it well be up today

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