Landon Donovan Post Game Interview Arsenal 2 – Everton 2

In his first submit sport interview in the English Premier League, Landon Donovan would seem to have impressed even the stiff British Press.

25 thoughts on “Landon Donovan Post Game Interview Arsenal 2 – Everton 2”

  1. FerteenOfficial says:

    he sounds a little english 😐

  2. THE6PLAYER9 says:


  3. kooora18 says:

    @amino007 Giuseppe Rossi is from Italy, he just born in America.

  4. socceriscool11 says:

    I’m studying abroad in Spain, and most people who follow football here know about landon and thinks he’s a quality player. Come to think of it, I think more of my spanish friends here know of donovan than my american friends lol.

  5. 5jorgelk4life5 says:

    @mellowman1001 why would u call him a pussy? maybe he dont wana leave L.A.because thats his home n he want to keep providing for his teammates in galaxy u know football is not that big in usa so they still need a lot of talented players on the mls teams n ladon is a very importan part of that team, he is the soul n heart of that team with out him galaxy wont b the same.

  6. lashlashlashlashlash says:

    @Krazekiller23 I doubt it. ten games wasnt enough to get everyone’s attention, but he got mine. I think he could do well for any team in the premiership.

  7. panchitaforever says:

    if he were a great player if he played in a great team at europe but not

  8. amino007 says:

    Best USA soccer player is Giuseppe Rossi, one of the best strikers in the Spanish league. It’s a shame he never wanted to play with you guys… Rossi-Altidore could be a good attack.

  9. amino007 says:

    @eldiezmaradona he´s the first north-american player that could play in a major league maybe in a good team. That means he’s good. Sometimes very soft also and kind of lazy. He would need to work way much harder in any of these teams. The truth is that he’s not even one of the best 200 players in the world. Quite the opposite. He’s more famous than he should be just because he was born in the US.

  10. fromvnwithlove says:

    hwo much did he get paid for playing in europe?

  11. Bizdet says:

    @mellowman1001 he’s got rights with galaxy. he would play with everton but he cant

  12. RICH08XX says:

    @Krazekiller23 Yeah he does. I always knew he was good but thought he was over rated but after seeing how he played at everton he could play for 15/20 premier league teams

  13. mellowman1001 says:

    No, he hasn’t proved the critics wrong… his critics have always said he’s talented but he’s wasting his time in the MLS and a pussy for not wanting to play with the big boys. Until he makes a serious move to play in a serious league, that’ll still be the case.

  14. TheAdawg12345 says:

    He has respect in europe but not the recognition of a superstar that he has in USA not because he is american but because he just isn’t a superstar

  15. xofalenstarxo says:

    @giantfool There’s no lucky shot in soccer. You score by taking advantage of the goalie or the defender’s mistake. Rarely do you see someone scoring at a great distance by himself or herself. You’re letting your prejudice preventing you from seeing Landon as an athlete and that makes you a loser, not Landon. The US MNT’s team might not be the best team in the world but I’m proud of them for never giving up and they don’t play dirty like some other teams.

  16. sink3131 says:

    @giantfool he is still a great player, and probably the best in the United States. and it doesn’t matter if some of his goals were lucky, becausethey all count and are hard to get

  17. lildarkangel142 says:

    i love how some Americans are so proud of the team getting as far as they did in FIFA (before being sent home by Ghana) that they give all credit to Donavon. our country is not great at “soccer”, accept it. we played amazing during FIFA, considering how badly we’d been doing in the past. its still not worldcup-winning worthy.

  18. freestate31 says:

    @giantfool Your name says it all

  19. freestate31 says:

    @giantfool. Your name says it all

  20. freestate31 says:

    @Giantfool. Your name says it all

  21. Bazmob33 says:

    I’m an Arsenal fan and I would love him to play for us.

  22. giantfool says:

    Landon is a fucking loser he got a lucky shot…

  23. chinmassager says:


    lol what bullshit, he said he wanted to stay at everton but everton and galaxy couldn’t agree a deal.

  24. EsparzaPierre says:

    he didnt want to play in europe. he loves america and doesnt think its worth the move.

  25. 18exiled says:

    @eldiezmaradona I’m British and I’ve always known Donovan to be a great player, I was confused when he moved back to America from Leverkusen, seemed like a step backwards to me, I thought there would have been plenty of teams prepared to take him on.

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