Landon Donovan is Talking about Dallas Sidekicks and Matchup of Sunday

On Sunday, Landon Donovan the legend of US national team reached to (AEC) Allen Events Center as a part of the (SDS) San Diego Sockers for playing the Dallas Sidekicks. Donovan has played only three games so far for the new team; he has been informed about the competition between the clubs.

Donovan said, “My teammates are talking about all this a lot. The things become clear to me at the very time, I was signed. I was listening to some old players in the team who were talking about some rivalries, including Dallas.”

He is well aware that this rivalry is not the general one. Donovan said, “On side of Dallas, VcMor is the kind of player who has the ability to play outdoors and reason for the same is that is physically very talented players, who played with the Sockers in the past.”

Phil Salvagio, the Sockers head ensure coach ensure that his team is known as the top players for Sidekicks. Salvagio said, “There is a lot to know about Dallas. There is also Jamie Lovegrove who has done a good job with us in the last year. Last year we went 19-3 and he brought a large part of that. Again, Nestor Hernandez is there, who is a phenomenal player. With Cody Ellis, the team has an all-around team.”

Salvagio also selected Eligwe, the reason for this selection is the large part of the hat trick he scored opposite Sockers on 15th March, in San Diego, and also because he coached the leading scorer of Sidekicks. He added, “I had VcMor with my national team, and VcMor is a young player with massive potential Phil and Both Donovan to have confidence in their respective team.”