Landon Donovan Goal vs Algeria at American Outlaws HQ, Lincoln Nebraska.

Floor zero for the nationwide group the American Outlaws, Captan Jacks Bar in Lincoln Nebraska reacts to the most enjoyable goal in US Soccer background. Recorded on June 22, 2010 making use of a Flip Video camcorder.

25 thoughts on “Landon Donovan Goal vs Algeria at American Outlaws HQ, Lincoln Nebraska.”

  1. vrttlesn says:

    @junkers1337 Really? I couldn’t stand those bee-hive sounding things pretty annoying but eh to each his own I’d rather hear the fans and the songs that each countrys fans sings during games.

  2. thatbk423 says:

    @mort237 as opposed to some long winded gibberish?

  3. SODEMO2007 says:

    You sure go apeshit for not “giving a damn about soccer”.

  4. CrociatoAzzurro says:

    Today the US will once again become Football World Champions

    Why ?  Because it is Superbowl Sunday and the best 2 football teams will play to decide who is the best in the world.

    Congrats in advance to Green Bay or Pittsburgh

  5. 8USMNT17 says:


  6. favrefan12491 says:

    The Stool jumped the highest!!!!

  7. razadelibertad says:

    @ChrisHodges22 Jejjeje… thanks for your explanation

  8. mort237 says:

    @sselin125 lol

  9. ChrisHodges22 says:

    To all the people who think the guy on the bottom right who cheered before anyone else was watching a non-existent more up-to-date feed on another TV:

    I am right there with that guy, because I was watching it live and also cheered 2 seconds early because I knew Donovan was putting it in after that juicy rebound…

  10. sselin125 says:

    @mort237 IT’s the only one that matters….

  11. junkers1337 says:

    I’m gonna miss those Vuvuzelas. I wonder what noisemaker Brazil will have.

  12. mort237 says:

    is USA the only chant you yanks know?

  13. Fishmonkeyman says:

    Liked this video in the summer, still like it now..

  14. gregc3267 says:

    best part is, most of these people like myself blew work off that day, cheers to soccer

  15. MartiW says:

    @Drtbaggae He’s the one true fan, we all do it. suffer silently among a crowd of bandwagon fans and let it all go when your team scores.

  16. hugyn1 says:

    @Primordialfan1 quite possibly the sweetest thing anyone has ever had to say about america, thanks dude!

  17. SunDevlFan4Life says:

    Love it! Hug a random person, pick up a chair, throw beer!

  18. HKDB13GOODBLUE says:

    What the fuck is this??? I wanted to see the fucking goal not a bunch of Americans WATCHING IT!!!! Fuck you TheTJarrett402, how the fuck crap like this get this much views anyways?

  19. Wallydaft says:

    PS…Definately No.15. Name of Convey..

  20. Wallydaft says:

    In answer to your question…It was No. 15. I think that deserved a red card from the pub manager for a mindless waste of beer.

  21. toms551 says:

    Who’s the asshole that throws beer everywhere then tosses the bottle? What a douche.

  22. funnymyke says:


  23. Primordialfan1 says:

    America. This is fucking awesome. I’m an Irishman and we feel what you feel watching football. This vid brings tears to my eyes. Brilliant. Spread the feeling ya yanks. You can be a major force in the football world.

  24. 99KingHigh says:

    Amazing I was in one of those places funny story i broke my arm when the crowd went crazy.

    Good Times

  25. ChristianGray18 says:

    i dont like to watch soccer but i love crowd reactions.

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