Breakdown of Landon Donovan’s Goal – Speed of Play

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25 thoughts on “Breakdown of Landon Donovan’s Goal – Speed of Play”

  1. says:

    Pro Game Breakdown – How Speed of Play in your own Defensive 3rd Can Lead
    to a Goal This week’s Online Soccer Academy

  2. mark browne says:

    i like your videos, simple but sound advice.ive played centre back but want
    to change position to center midfield, your speed of thought videos have
    really helped.thanks man

  3. says:

    Thanks! I wore the AFC Cleveland jersey in one of the Soccer News Weekly
    videos we did a while back! It’s a great tee!

  4. Barry Tierney says:

    This was very helpful Jared! Thanks

  5. Kad - says:


  6. says:

    Thanks. Most the game is very simple, it’s players and coaches that
    complicate it! 🙂 That’s what my youth coach use to say. Glad the speed of
    play videos helped you! That is the BIGGEST thing I wish I knew how to do
    when I was a youth player. Good luck to you!

  7. hockeyguy19797 says:

    Jared, I love your vids man! I hope you wear the AFC Cleveland jersey soon
    in one of your vids! Would love to meet you someday!

  8. Brian Lopez says:

    I usually always check all the time even if i know a pass might not come to
    me im always ready and thinking of plays that i can do if the situation

  9. says:

    LOL! I’d be laughed off the stage!

  10. Swansea Freekickers says:

    MLS is a boring league

  11. Anthony Dohogne says:

    1:50 lol!

  12. says:

    Maybe in the fall. Sorry, I’m getting ready for my soccer camps this summer
    and those require a lot of time on the field and away from the office/video

  13. Joe Cameron says:

    Thanks this really helped Jared 🙂

  14. juststuff says:

    my favorite team, along with my favorite players el shaarawy and balotelli

  15. says:

    Yeah, it was Jaap Stam’s. In 2005 the Chicago Fire played against them and
    I came on as a sub. I traded that jersey with Jaap after the game with my
    jersey. It was awesome!

  16. Kim Delavin says:

    you and your cousin joshua montz is great for giving me inspirational
    advice bro it helps me a lot to be a great player 🙂

  17. says:


  18. Glen John Terry says:

    Magic:) Thanks for sharing:)

  19. Mark169Est says:

    HI OnlineSoccerAcademy Can you show us how to do a nutmeg to a challenging
    defender 🙂

  20. Kim Delavin says:

    so you must need to be quick in futbol bro 🙂

  21. Darkpunisher5757 says:

    I think you can upload footage as long as you dont take the credit and give
    all the rights to MLS

  22. EL10CLASICO7 says:

    Jared, You’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky~~~

  23. says:

    You have a right to your opinion and I respect it but I disagree with you.
    MLS gets better and better every year.

  24. Michael Roberts says:

    Jared I have a huge tryout in a year that will be the deciding factor of me
    going pro or not. What should I do in this year?

  25. Matt Johnson says:

    i remember suggesting a series like this a while back. i love the idea, and
    i’m really glad that you’re analyzing attacking situations, as i am
    currently trying to convert from center back to some sort of attack or
    attacking midfielder. one suggestion, if possible, is if you could play the
    clip when you do these videos. it will help us get a perspective of the
    situation, in case we missed it.

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