USA fans reaction to Landon Donovan’s Game Winning Goal 2

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25 thoughts on “USA fans reaction to Landon Donovan’s Game Winning Goal 2”

  1. kertaspaper94 says:

    Watch MLS.

  2. Headcheezonium says:

    MLS is currently the 9th most popular league in the world on attendance. It’s getting there, but The real problem is that most US Soccer fans support foreign leagues and national teams because the media keeps shoving “MLS sucks, don’t watch it” down everyone’s throat.

  3. Headcheezonium says:

    In the 2009 Gold Cup, The only regular starter on the entire USA 23-men squad was Charlie Davis. Mexico brought almost everyone.

  4. silvershock82 says:

    yeah i love USA soccer team but that 5-0 loss disappointed me.

  5. Dandysboss says:

    i like the guys from 1994 ^^

  6. vivealeria says:

    this is algeria man

  7. vivealeria says:

    algeria is here american and we will be in world cup 2014 and will take our revange

  8. Russianhools1 says:

    haha RUSSIAN ultras will kick the shit out of them in a second

  9. Sergije Vilovic says:

    respect from croatia

  10. jedipsychoaction84 says:



    It’s a pity football (soccer) isn’t followed in America because i think you could create one of the greatest leagues there and potentially be a winning country one day in it. You even reached quarter-finals in 2002 world cup when many americans didn’t care about this sport, which was a great success. Greetings and support from Spain!

  12. Headcheezonium says:

    Canada has been to one world cup (1986) and won the 2000 Gold Cup, beating Mexico 2-1.

  13. Konformation07 says:

    In a city that is chock full of Mexicans it was crazy how many more Mexicans were in that stadium. It was practically an away match.

  14. js30blackhawks2010 says:

    Congratulations to Canada on their ZERO World Cup appearances, ZERO CONCACAF titles, ZERO all-time wins against any team ever. Keep talking and maybe they’ll have an international cup for curling so you’ll actually have a chance at winning any sports.

  15. L. Sheppard says:

    USA. By far the most patriotic nation in the world.

    Much love from England. 🙂

  16. ztejas13 says:

    He was born in Birmingham Michigan…

  17. ztejas13 says:

    In the Olympics the U.S. won gold in 2000 and has two other bronze medals, they only failed to medal once, so no they don’t “beat the shit” out of us. If you think two 3rd place and one 1st place in 4 appearances is embarrassing then that shows the dominance of American sports quite well. The best baseball players in the world play in America as a part of the oldest professional sports league, are paid by Americans and play for 29 teams in America and one in Canada.

  18. Headcheezonium says:

    2009 was unofficial and 2011 was the first time they beat us outside Mexico City since 1999.

  19. silvershock82 says:

    not baseball. cuba,puerto rico,dominican republic,korea,and japan beat the shit out of u guys.

  20. silvershock82 says:

    mexico has beat the crap out of u in da past 3 gold cups.explain that

  21. JayManNinetyFive says:

    Alex Lalas is greek though

  22. conorwildcat22 says:

    haha your an idiot

  23. ztejas13 says:

    That’s because soccer is us against the world. The rest of those sports is the world against us…

  24. ProSportsBrief says:


  25. dharmonic says:

    I’m Algerian, i will never forget that day and that moment, it was breath taking match and the best team won… this vid is well made and the sound track is awesome, thanks for sharing it

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