Landon Donovan: ‘Logical’ For Multiple Games With MLS, Liga MX Pages

According to the reports, Landon Donovan said that he has a strong belief that a potential league of North American that has performing teams from the United States and Mexico would be beneficial to sports in both countries as it will encourage the sport and more youth will be attracted toward it.

“To me, it is the thing that holds logic, and this is because they are the best leagues in this part of the world, they have some of the biggest players if we want better and good competition with Europe and parts of South America, I think it is important,” Donovan said this in an interview to media recently. Donovan won a record six MLS Cups and is both the all-time top scorer of the league and assistant leader. He wrapped his club career with a season on Liga MX side Leon.

The Mexican top-flight division Enrique Bonilla said this month that a North American league could be “an option” and would serve as a legacy for the upcoming 2026 World Cup, which will be jointly hosted by US, Mexico, and Canada. At the beginning of this year that is 2018, MLS in the United States and Liga MX started a joint venture that included Campeones Cup introduction, a match among the teams who were the winner of each respective league.
The Communications Director of MLS, Dan Courtemanche told the media at the beginning of this month that “we have discussed with Liga MX about more ways we can cooperate on both on and offside the field, and we are pleased with the future changes that are developing and that is existing between our two leagues. We are happy with the development and soon going to share the same.”