Landon Donovan is not surprised about the FIFA scandal

The retired footballer, Landon Donovan revealed his opinion concerning the FIFA scandals and briberies which has been discovered by the FBI and the former star of the American national football team stated that he isn’t even surprised about what has been going within the football governing authority.

FIFA is going through a turmoil which has led to a number of FIFA executives being arrested and SeppBlatter having to resign from his presidential role in the organization.

When Landon Donovan was questioned about the recent news about FIFA, the retired player replied by saying: ‘’ I’m not angry, mostly just sad and absolutely not surprised. I’ve met a few of the guys that were indicted and always had a bad feeling about them. I remember one top CONCACAF official calling me ‘’stupid’’ publicly. I tell you that because it’s indicative of how some of these people operated. Unprofessional, egotistical and arrogant’’

Landon Donovan has already retired from playing football at a professional and competitive level but he will still continue helping out his national side even if it’s outside of the pitch. Donovan is considered to be the best player to have emerged from United States and he is the all-time leader in scoring and assists as well as has the most caps from all of the active players.

With over 150 appearances for the United States national football team, the influence that he has had is undeniable but even though Donovan has accomplished so much with his national team, he still wants to continue helping them out and turning into a coach is something that Donovan has stated in wanting to do.

JurgenKlinsmann is the current coach of the United States national team and he has been in charge of the squad since 2011 but Landon Donovan wants to turn into the coach of the national side and remain longer than anyone else.