Landon Donovan AKA Captain America

Landon Donovan is my preferred soccer player…this video is a tribute to America’s best! Begins off with a traditional disney tune…take pleasure in!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 thoughts on “Landon Donovan AKA Captain America”

  1. AFHugo1997 says:

    Nice Video Donovan is the best!!! Bust what’s the Tittle of the 3rd music???

  2. chowangoalie33 says:

    Sorry dude Captain America is Claudio Reyna. He was the greatest American player ever…even Donovan admitted to that. But being American you gotta love Donovan, pretty good video to, I agree about the rap as well.

  3. maxcado says:

    the cap

  4. jonathandotcom1 says:

    donovan is rising up and future legend

  5. cerii17 says:

    what is the name of the song in this video

  6. usasoccer1000 says:

    hahah who ever says mexico is very wrong and Landon Donovan is better than the whole mexican soccer team put together

  7. TheMrdean13 says:

    este año estados unidos es el mejor equipo de la concacaf,mejor que mexico, y no te enojes ,solo no seas tan egolatra

  8. losnohacennada says:

    buuu landon donovan es un estupido…… un buen jugador pero es un estupido…….y unas palabras en english…..mexico is better than soccer united states……y en spanich mexico es mejor en football q estados unidos

  9. lilwhitekid4 says:

    Donovan is the best

  10. lilwhitekid4 says:

    Donovan is the best

  11. hardrockerofsoccer says:

    interesting song choice lol. USA IS CONCACAF’S ONE AND ONLY POWERHOUSE!

  12. ydalgiz7 says:

    donovan sucks balls.

  13. miltonjr says:

    thanks…i know…i had other songs on my original file but youtube didn’t let me upload it cuz of the WMG copyright so i settled for these songs

  14. Mexecutioner100 says:

    its good but rap does not =donovan

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