Before the start of the Euros 2020 tournament, there was a lot of hype about it being a very interesting one to watch and it attracted a lot of attention and interest from football fans across the world, especially in Europe. So far, there has not been anything different from what was anticipated, as things have gone as expected. The competition has unveiled a lot of surprises, excitement, shock, and heartbreak already even though the quarter-final fixtures are yet to be fully decided.

In terms of shock, France were the latest side to be eliminated from the competition after a penalty shootout against Switzerland decided their fate on Monday night. The Swiss team deserves a lot of praise for their comprehensive performance against the French team after coming level against a much better France side despite going down 3-1 at some point in the game. All of the ingredients that a standard international tournament should possess have been unveiled at the Euros already and there’s expected to be more as England take on Germany on Tuesday to determine the lady team that will play in the quarter-finals.

The Germany vs England tie is expected to be one of those crunch games and it is also one that will see one of the favorites of the competition to get knocked out as well. A lot of fans have been looting their opinions about the tournament so far and judging by their reactions online so far, there have been more positive reviews in terms of VAR controversies, while a lot of them have also been enjoying themselves.

One of those fans who have confirmed their interest in the competition is Landon Donovan. The former Bayern star has revealed that he has found the competition very interesting to watch but kept mute when asked who he was backing for the trophy.