LANDON DONOVAN LOVES WATERSPORTS (Mexico 2-u.s 1 World Cup 2010 Qualifier August 12th, 2009)

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24 thoughts on “LANDON DONOVAN LOVES WATERSPORTS (Mexico 2-u.s 1 World Cup 2010 Qualifier August 12th, 2009)”

  1. 93jcharles says:

    how does this even pertain to the conversation? Jealous of what? That he is a US citizen? Not one bit. I just don’t see how bring up economic issues, pertains to a football game.

  2. Izzy Mandelbaum says:

    Someone sounds awfully jealous.

  3. Ragd3909 says:


  4. Franky Avil says:

    thank you! I’m also part Mexican.. most people take soccer too far when it’s just a sport.. it’s good too be passionate about sports but not to the point where you guys start insulting people and it’s sad for me to see my country and heritage fighting.

  5. Elmer727 says:

    This makes us look really bad. Almost as bas as the Salvadorans.

  6. 93jcharles says:

    of course you are mexican american…pinche pocho culero

  7. luigi84684 says:

    UMAD BROOOOAAAA!!!!! hey NIGGER!! why are you so worried about my english ahahah i’m so SORRY about my spelling it wont happen again ahahah your just jealous that my country is way better the yours ahahhh XDDDDDDDDDDDDD btw is ‘than’ not then ahah LAME!!

  8. Dzenan FC says:

    What the hell are you trying to say? Your english is worse then your team.

  9. luigi84684 says:

    anyways we own you that just SAD, and you sure you european NIGGER!! ahahah

  10. Dzenan FC says:

    Hahahahyou’re so lame man! A friendly against a team you should have beat easily, but no your team lost. Thats just sad! hahahaha. I never said that the english invented football, I said us “Europeans” invented it come on dog learn to read before you post. And it seems like you’re the one thats mad and insecure about their team hahahaha.

  11. luigi84684 says:

    @Dzenan oh i’m sorry about my language asshole U MAD BROOOOAAAAA???ahahh you wish you can be like us ahah ,and about australia it was just a friendly match fucking asshole if your not English then why are you saying yall invented football? i bet my team will whoop your shity team ASS and thats just sad, fucking NIGGER!! ahahh

  12. Dzenan FC says:

    U.S.* sucks* Knowledge is power.

  13. Dzenan FC says:

    What the hell are you talking about? One I’m not English and two learn the god damn language before posting. And you guys lost to Australia in a friendly match thats just sad.

  14. luigi84684 says:

    and we beat you right after that XDDD usa will never gonna be like GERMANY you wish yall can be like us, your mighty usa cant even beat england and GHANA XDDDD

  15. luigi84684 says:


  16. luigi84684 says:

    ahahh your funny England suck yall cant even beat us, we beat you at the world cup 4 -1 the only Europeans thats DOMINATING this sport is GERMANY the rest are garbage like youXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD HURRA DEUTSCHLAND!!!!!!!!!

  17. sean2015 says:

    Well, not exactly. Mexico has dominated the US on Mexican soil, but on US soil the fortunes are reversed. The USA is 9-2-2 at home against Mexico since 1999. That’s an impressive record considering that it includes games played in places like L.A., Houston, and Phoenix which have large Mexican populations which makes it sort of like an away match for the USA. Just keep in mind that Donovan may be a great player but he can’t carry the whole team on his back.

  18. LazyBunny says:

    Oh well ok then.
    And even if your last sentence is true, it doesnt mean Donovan is bad. But idk about the res of his teammates.
    Donovan has scored more goals than any Mexican player ever has and Mexico usually wins over USA so thats saying something

  19. sean2015 says:

    Nooooo, relax. I wasn’t trying to criticize you or anything. I meant that, if you wanted to say anything bad about Donovan, it would be well-taken. Like I said, he’s the best US player I’ve ever seen, but in interviews he comes across as a little cocky. And I don’t think he has the right to be cocky if he’s playing in a stadium like Azteca where the USMNT still has never won. Last time he played there, he played lousy and so did the rest of his teammates.

  20. LazyBunny says:

    How am i being a butt kisser?
    I trully do like Donovan and the US soccer team so what? got a problem with that?
    And hes is the best player in the history of the USA he has a right to be a bit cocky lol. Even though ive never seen him be even Alittle cocky and especially not aragant

  21. sean2015 says:

    You don’t have to be a butt-kisser. I’m an American I think Donovan is a phenomenal player. As a person though, I find him to be a bit cocky and arrogant. OTOH I do think that Mexicans give the guy a bad rap. That incident in Estadio de Jalisco was blown way out of proportion. I don’t think Donovan would deliberately try to offend Mexicans like that. He grew up in SoCal and a lot of his friends and teammates were chicanos. He also speaks basic Spanish.

  22. MexicanChamp1000 says:

    Maybe. But it’s people like you that have no brain.

  23. BowendaBeast says:

    Look dude I’m a mexican american and I love my mexican roots. But its stupid people like you who give a bad name to our heritage and our culture. The mexican fans yell “puto” after the opposing team scores a goal and brag about their soccer when they have never even won a single world cup. The U.S. is improving in soccer and with all of our “gente” crossing the border the U.S. will soon dominate Mexico in soccer is it does with basketball and every sport you can think of.

  24. Dzenan FC says:

    Still doesnt change the fact that we started and own this game, and I can name countries too. Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy.

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