MNT Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann and Players Preview Friendly with Mexico

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25 thoughts on “MNT Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann and Players Preview Friendly with Mexico”

  1. snoopfrogmessi says:

    Hahaha wow thats the best you can come up with? Ha but i guess it would be hard to come up with a comeback since you are mad, and wrong hahaha

  2. Erik Villalobos says:

    no you know what you are is a pendejo lmao

  3. snoopfrogmessi says:

    Haha no im right and ur a dumbass

  4. Erik Villalobos says:

    your fckn lameeeeee

  5. snoopfrogmessi says:

    Yeah you dumbass they were born in the U.S. , so they are AMERICAN you fucking dumbass

  6. Erik Villalobos says:

    your stupid you see there parents are only mexican that came to this beautiful country so they had there kids here in gios case he was not only born in mexico his mom is mexican dumbasssssssss witch makes him 100% mexican his dad is brazilian he dont even speak portuguese

  7. snoopfrogmessi says:

    Yeah and ur dumbass said usa had to get their own players, and you were refering to the mexicans like gomez, torres, fiscal, corona, and castillo who were all born in the u.s. fuckin dumbass. And gios still of brazilian descent just like gomez and the others are of mexican descent but gio was still born in mexico just how gomez and the others were born in the us. Dumbass you dont even know what ur saying

  8. Erik Villalobos says:

    gio is noy brazilian u dum ass he was born in mexico his mom is mexican and his dad is brazilian so that makes hi more mexican then anything bitch you just got school pendejo

  9. cudaj2 says:

    Yeah well keep dreaming cause your dream came true! Lol! Awesome!

  10. Infamoussssssss says:

    Niemals. Jürgen ist eher der Motivator.

  11. zer0nable says:

    vieleicht doch der bessere Taktiker als Löw

  12. snoopfrogmessi says:

    Haha he was born in the us so hes american. But if you wanna go by ur logic then you guys should stop using giovani dos santos since hes brazilian, even though hes not good enough to play for brazil anyways

  13. Infamoussssssss says:


  14. nadiesabe quieneseste says:


  15. Erik Villalobos says:

    wtf are you talking about

  16. Erik Villalobos says:

    mexicans beat mexico lol get your own players

  17. callofdutyguy9 says:

    Beckerman, Castillo Did there Jobs so STFU. Donovan had to track back to help Castillo. We were forced to defend so Torres didnt have a chance to shine

  18. socceryadi says:

    @road2stamfordbridge usausausa

  19. road2stamfordbridge says:

    IT FUCKEN HAPPENED! DUDE YOU FUCKEN DID IT! Say it again before the next game! USA! USA!

  20. haloMaiiFranchise says:

    I’m sorry but Kyle Beckerman doesnt belong on this team

  21. XxZombiebeastsXx says:

    they did

  22. ihateschool547 says:

    ur dream came true usa usa

  23. DeegoL9 says:

    And it came true lol

  24. Netane23 says:

    USA USA USA!!!! Proud of our boys today! Great job you guys!!!

  25. RoundenBrown says:

    USA wins!

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