Landon Donovan Asks US Fans for World Cup Memory

The US Men’s Nationwide Crew desires to know just what the 2010 FIFA Planet Cup meant to you. How did you react? Wherever have been you? The US players want to know. File your reminiscences and share them with the gamers by replying to this video clip. All videos containing profanity will be promptly taken out.
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25 thoughts on “Landon Donovan Asks US Fans for World Cup Memory”

  1. anonymousshovel says:

    I’m 14 and this past summer was the greatest summer of my life. It seemed forever but I remember it allfrom Dempsy’s goal against England (Which I watched with English friends…that was fun.) to the comeback against Slovenia. I watched the Algeria game with my dad. I didn’t start to lose hope until extra time, but I had a feeling we would win. When the ball went in that was one of the greatest moments of my life. It was such a good experience that we are going to the next World Cup. Thank you!

  2. amandahugankiss69 says:

    i love you

  3. Kingshal11 says:

    I am 10 years old.You were awesome at the world cup. I love soccer and i know just about every soccer player. I can not wait tell the gold cup. I might get to go to one of are games. Anyway, about the world cup it was long gone but i am shocked how you brought us into the round of 16. We will win to Chile!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kingshal11 says:

    I’m 10 years old, and even though the world cup is long gone, I still am shocked about the goal. I am also a huge soccer fan and i know so many players. WeUSA did an awesome job at the world cup. I am so happy that Landon Donovan really elevated soccer in america. I am now watching the Barclays Premier League and i love seeing all my favorite US players. USA will win to Chile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. CFLWjgjc says:

    @Buffalo4Ever78 great story haha

  6. Buffalo4Ever78 says:

    i was supposed to meet my family at my sisters high school for her graduation but decided to go to a sports bar with my friends to watch the game and when he scored i was on the phone apologizing to my mom for not going then donovan scored and i screamed and hung up.

  7. jplayball says:

    Best Games I’ve experienced. Loved every minute of it. The team never gave up. I scream my ass off. I took days off from work just to watch Team USA!

  8. xXbroderiickXx says:

    dude, i was on a cruise during this game and the world cup was being talked about by everyone on the boat. We were watching the game in the food area and when you scored, I thought th boat was gonna flip because everyone was screeming so

  9. SoccerStudd1012 says:

    I was at home getting ready for soccer practice. I knew we would eventually come through. Honestly, you were the only one that I knew could pull that goal off. You don’t get as much credit as you should, but I put you in the same category as Ronaldinho, Villa, and other great players. I screamed my head off for a good 5 minutes. My sister was pissed because I woke her up….she needed to get over it. You inspired me and I hope I can make it to where you are someday

  10. Nick22pr says:

    @littlered20101 lol i was at my beach house on Sunset Beach there about 45 mins south of Wilmington, and I ran outside with all my gear on and ran up and down the beach lol. I live in Charlotte.

  11. mbt313 says:

    I must admit I missed that game, but I promise I won’t miss another one.

  12. littlered20101 says:

    Me and my sister were watching the game in the outer banks north carolina. We were at a campground on the beach for our vacation. I watched the whole game screaming at the refs and worrying about the game.I never remember praying so hard over anything in my life.When Donovan scored we screamed until our lungs gave out.It was the happiest day of my life.

  13. 0112kjh says:

    my sister and I were watching the game and we watched how as Landon scored and as He ran to the corner side of the field a great deal of His teamates mount up on Landon and my sister shouted ” MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN! your crushing the guy” lol Best and most intense game I seen from team USA

  14. andyandnick says:

    I’ll never forget that moment. I was wiht my best friends at a restaurant/bar. we were the 4 out of 10 people that were there. We began crying when we realized we wouldn’t make it anywhere this year. But when Donovan scored, my best friend Darren and I began jumping up and down, crying, and all of our friends hoped in. Everyone stared at us and laughed, but I will never forget that day. We ran into the streets singing, and I texted my dad right away who was working. Thank you Landon Donovan! USA

  15. pmoskoso says:

    i like he says “from the US national team”; that’s the way it works all over the world, you don’t have to say “football national team”, is understood football is the national sport!
    good Landon!

  16. ninjamonkeynoobfoo says:

    Where was I and how did I react to US goals (which were freakin amazing) well, o was at home screaming my head off and jumping around like a crazy person because I was so happy and excited. By the way, I was also REALLY inspired by the teams performance, as I am a young soccer player.

  17. MultiAlist says:

    i am frm Ghana, and i think your performance was gr8t u put up a gr8t against the BLACK STARS. but it was not ur time 2 shine. but gr8t game i am 12 and i am a big fan.

  18. MultiAlist says:

    landon rules

  19. kirbyandco says:

    Ill always use this goal to inspire me to keep trying to get there one day ,and never give up. GO USA

  20. slam910 says:

    I’m 12, and a huge soccer fan. I had high hopes coming into the game, but with each ticking second, It seemed that my hopes would be crushed. Then I got excited when Howard passed it to you, but when Dempsey was denied, an overwhelming sadness came over me. Then out of nowhere, like lightning, you struck the ball into the back of the net. I jumped up and down screaming, and continued for the next week. Thank you for inspiring me and the rest of the country.

  21. BOrioles8 says:

    I can honestly say as a 16 year old that i will always remember the goal against Algeria. Every time i see a replay i get chills and can and always will remember where i was and how i was reacting when Donovan scored the wining goal. My sister thought i was dying in the living room while i was screaming at the top of my lungs, but she doesn’t understand how big that actually was after waiting that entire game scared that if we didn’t score it was all over. Thank you for the memories. – Jeremy B

  22. skyfaulk says:

    good job usa this goal won the winner’s bracket or whatever it’s called i forgot anyway it even beat akamatsu’s catch at the in japan i was shocked when this won i thought akamatsu’s catch would have won but great donovan and usa

  23. 1836checkit says:

    dude i was watching the game throegh my teachers phone and wen u scored our school exploded u just hear woooooo yea thats right anf lots of chearing so thats wat i thought get baxck at me wiill yu thanx

  24. coldassassin99 says:

    Ever since I started watching USA soccer in 2006, Landon Donovan has always been my favorite player. I love USA Soccer and Landon Donovan. Sorry for writing so much, but USA soccer has just grown on me so much. I hope that I get to see you guys as the 2014 Fifa World Cup Champions. It is very possible now that you guys have us behind you all the way. Landon, I know you said that we would eventually win a world cup. Well that time is 2014. I know Brazil is tough, but you guys can do it.

  25. coldassassin99 says:

    The 2010 Fifa World Cup showed me how great and awesome soccer/football really is. Now I know why it is called “The Beautiful Game”. I remember during the Algeria game, I was so frustrated and angry that I told myself that I was never going to watch soccer again. When stoppage time came, I lost all hope until I saw Landon score. I was so happy that I started hugging 10 random people at the same time. What made the moment more special was that my favorite player, Landon Donovan scored.

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