RTE World Cup 2010 – USA vs Algeria post match – Landon Donovan and Bianca

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25 thoughts on “RTE World Cup 2010 – USA vs Algeria post match – Landon Donovan and Bianca”

  1. Ricogear27 says:

    @camelfocker I think for many of the American viewers watching this they
    have taken it the wrong way which is unfortunate. The panel were not being
    derogatory, and they were not giving backhanded compliments. They were in
    fact fulsome (and sincere) in their praise. Yes they were having fun with
    the whole Bianca thing, because it is funny to us as no footballer in this
    part of the world would mention his gf in a interview like that lol. Its no
    biggie, just some fun to lighten the mood.

  2. albanypjm says:

    usa does well enough at wc when they score some goals. in 2002 and 2010
    they scored some goals. in 1998 and 2006 they were awful offensively. they
    aren’t good enough to try and achieve multiple 1-0 “results.”

  3. dartben says:

    Nice backhanded complements, jackasses. Stuff it up your shorts, we’re in
    the round of 16, you’re sitting at home.

  4. darren93ryan99 says:

    You wouldn’t see any other panalists taking the piss out of sometin like
    that, they’d be too afraid…….. these lads are legends!!!

  5. joebob says:

    “for what they are, they’ve been magnificent” what we are is a team that’s
    in the second round of the world cup, unlike ireland, who didn’t qualify

  6. joskitzo says:

    Why all the sticks up their arses?

  7. fireflyfan1 says:

    BBC is poison. Can’t stand Linekar, Hanson etc. This is where it’s at 🙂

  8. Christopher Bennett says:

    “I think it embodied what America’s all about (chuckle).” I think the fact
    that tens of thousands of people turned out to cheer for our president when
    he was in Dublin “embodies what America is all about.” Call me crazy.

  9. Darealwhip says:

    @richie895 That gold digger….????

  10. Konformation07 says:

    @ThaReaper01 Yep because they don’t care. So actually that’s good so they
    can really enjoy themselves and have very little expectation if anything
    the expectation only came from themselves. However that will change now.
    People will pay attention now at least.

  11. LedSexton says:

    @meswitzerland dry shite

  12. moloko5 . says:

    @justincoy1983 At least they aren’t English. Anything is better than being
    fucking English.

  13. adub4ever says:

    the raz mataz!!!!!! ahahahaha that was freakin brilliant

  14. DustyAndPistolPete says:

    @cbpointblank I think your comment does.Take a joke man.

  15. Ricogear27 says:

    @camelfocker As for the comment “for what they are” its not meant in a
    derogatory way either, although I can understand how it might sound like
    that to foreign viewers tuning in. What they mean is that the US doesnt
    have a culture of soccer the way other countries do. They are not a soccer
    nation YET, but they are developing. Serious interest there has really only
    started growing since the 90’s, which puts the US at a real disadvantage,
    so this is a great achievement in that context.

  16. veegta83 says:

    @richie895 What happened? Why was Donovan so emotional. He was awesome at

  17. deltapunk says:

    We are the YANKS and we love football, and we’re getting good at it too !

  18. Jonathan Nelson says:

    @alwayswinit4real hmmm….i agree with you….and it IS funny how much US
    has changed…i played semi-pro in the late 80s in chicago, before the
    present day professional league existed (chicago sting) and there’s no way
    i would have made it in the present state….isn’t it funny how now the MLS
    is like the retirement resort for european players?… does that mean i
    should have played league 3 in my teens?…crap….if only i could have
    known…and england loves yank keepers

  19. Ricogear27 says:

    @camelfocker I am Irish, and I was absolutely delighted (as were the panel
    here) to see the US go through. They richly deserved it. Not only did they
    qualify, they topped the group. Yes, the US doesnt have the Ronaldos, the
    Messi’s and the Villa’s of this world, but they have good players who play
    with tremendous pride & passion & they never give up (contrast with
    France!). Its fantastic for the tournament and hopefully will speed the
    growth of the US as a real footballing power in the future.

  20. Stravinsky91 says:

    They are Irish 🙂 not English

  21. TheGoc5 says:


  22. TheSupernovaheights says:

    bianca baby!!!! g’wan dunphy ya legend!

  23. Ruairi Devine says:

    @camelfocker Exactly, what the fuck are you being defensive for?

  24. richie895 says:

    shes still his wife u dick

  25. Vampiregirlxoxox says:

    haha for that girl (Bianca) who probs would have been so so sooo embrassed
    ah bless woooo go the irish……. x

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