MNT vs. Mexico: Landon Donovan Goal – Sept. 10, 2013

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25 Responses to “MNT vs. Mexico: Landon Donovan Goal – Sept. 10, 2013”

  1. EmazingLightsPenguin Says:

    Donovan scored with 1 eye

  2. gopher3737 Says:

    that goal was ridiculous – hope Diskerud plays more

  3. carlos1299100 Says:

    se yo quería que mexico ganara pero esta seleccion no sirve necesita una
    renovacion felicidades a eeuu

  4. Hilde EC Says:

    Man! You gotta love LD!

  5. Jstoney127 Says:


  6. Kushsmoka420 Says:

    @nidoaguila16 fuck u you piece of shit

  7. alliesofdevastation Says:

    @0:37 Aron Bacon xD

  8. SirBullet754 Says:

    wow I really expected both the us and mexico to get to brazil… oh well
    they only have themselves to blame, congrats USA and Costa Rica

  9. pjc858 Says:

    IT’S THAT SCORELINE AGAIN!!! That goal is all about Mix Diskerud…and his
    epic hair.

  10. Cris Gonzalez Says:

    They should of let Donovan shoot the penalty! It would sound a lot better
    saying we won Mexico 3-0

  11. Code Zanadu Says:

    Don’t worry about the aztecs, our countries should just celebrate our
    tickets to Brazil. Oh and don’t take it easy on Mexico next month… smash
    them hard.

  12. bweabled Says:

    That’s the most excited I’ve seen Donovan in years. He’s got a fire in him

  13. JuliusC Says:

    Diskerud Herrera

  14. RadioGuy Kerwin Says:

    Mex no se armo .. who’s yr daddy

  15. Sapphire Beats Says:

    Mexico has been and will continue to be a Concacaf giant only in it’s own
    imagination, never in the eyes of the rest of the world.

  16. RuddyIPA Says:


  17. TStinger7 Says:

    It is the same faces they had in that 0-0 in Azteca on March, slightly

  18. JuliusC Says:

    Mix Diskerud = American Pirlo

  19. Gary Schurndlerdurgler Says:

    I think Dempsey took it because he’s never scored against Mexico and they
    were already up 2-0, but yes I agree otherwise I would take Donovan

  20. memster_92 Says:

    My Mexico! Just a disgrace. Oh well congrats USA.

  21. baileychew Says:

    Da Da Da. Da Da Da

  22. carlos1299100 Says:

    eeuu jugo excelente felicidades se los dice un mexicano. saludos y

  23. Hilde EC Says:

    Thanks! Greetings.

  24. seatgurus Says:

    you guys got the highlights up so soon!!! GO GO USA!!!

  25. Sean Bolden Says:

    Gracias, buena suerte en el futuro