MLS All-Star First XI – Landon Donovan

Movie Rating: 4 / 5

20 thoughts on “MLS All-Star First XI – Landon Donovan”

  1. duffdodge says:

    No michael, I’ve seen that goal from other angles and Donovan definitely
    was the one that redirected it in!

  2. whothebitchnowsucka says:

    what is donovan doing in the MLS if he is so good?

  3. Michael Hanlon says:

    the second goal was an own goal by the dallas defender. haha. GO GALAXY!

  4. Guatemalan5859 says:


  5. avalosgarduno says:

    donovan sucks balls, hes fake and gay like ray william says

  6. JArsnl24 says:

    He’s good, better than Beckham by far, but Barros Schelotto is better and
    Blanco is the best.

  7. SessSVH says:

    I menat in Bundesliga you know, of course I know that he scored four goals
    in friendlies.

  8. doctornoise says:

    haha, the texture at the end behind landon donovan is like a generic try
    out these textures type thing in photoshop and paint shop pro.


    @TheLaGaLaXyFaN thats not good, he may be a great players and huge fan of
    him, but thats not needed

  10. SessSVH says:

    My favorite soccer player! It’s sad taht he scored no goal at my favorite
    club Bayern.

  11. TheLaGaLaXyFaN says:

    i worship donavon

  12. TW0man4RMY says:

    You mean other than Schelotto.

  13. tutub000 says:

    Blanco is way better than this guy.

  14. Rhys Buckham says:

    no were near as good as beckham, beckham is one of the best players in the
    world donavon is ok though

  15. doctornoise says:


  16. SongsAndLyrics1 says:

    No,The Defender Hit It To The Right And Then It Hit Donovans Leg.

  17. wildgrasse says:

    You rock Landon! Love ya <3333333333333333

  18. anathir says:

    this guy is a genuine bastard. totally unprofessional. His skill at the
    game is irrelevant.

  19. Nick saboteur says:

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  20. CGJJINC says:

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