David Beckham assist Landon Donovan to score twice

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24 thoughts on “David Beckham assist Landon Donovan to score twice”

  1. shoexy says:

    Yes, hes commenting like an NBA game. lolzzzzzzz….

  2. Kevin Spiro says:

    ya but ianni was just doing wat he could to stop the goal just like
    strikers will high kick sometimes just to do wat they can and normally its
    not called

  3. lilmarzet says:

    @Pibikhen get ur undies outta ur ass friend its not that serious especially
    since “football” is the shittiest sport out here

  4. iEntertainmentPro1 says:

    @lilmarzet James and Wade Henry and Marquez

  5. mosoldier says:

    lolz look at 1.47 donovan shouting in the defenders face

  6. cwaddle says:

    i miss beckham

  7. lilmarzet says:

    best combo of STAR athletes in last decade A-Rod & Derek Jeter Donovan &
    Beckham Tom Brady & Randy Moss Paul Pierce & Ray Allen & KG imagine Alex
    Ovechkin & Sidney Crosby

  8. Greg Bassett says:

    @lilmarzet Really? Its alittle early in the day to be making people look
    like fools but what the hell! 1) You have a Video of a FIFA game on your
    channel and your watching football vids. Clearly you like the sport. 2)
    Football is the most popular sport in the world. 3) No ‘undies’ were worn
    while writing that, or this comment. That’s how I roll. 4) You have the
    word ‘lil’ in your username, thus forfeiting your right to an opinion. Move

  9. JahobesDaGreatest says:

    not really… I mean the ball was below the waste… meaning he can have
    his leg up to deflect the ball… Donovan had a great diving header… but
    in my opinion that was more dangerous.

  10. Kevin Spiro says:

    y was donovan mad at ianni

  11. quikandsilva says:

    lol wtf are they criticising beckhams technique? “he’s stretching himself
    out to get to it as opposed to being over the top of the ball and really
    hitting it right with the laces.” <--- Physics fail.

  12. Greg Bassett says:

    @lilmarzet This made it clear you have no knowledge of football. Donovan
    and Beckham is not the best combo of the last decade. Not even worth
    mentioning. Beckham could be in that category but Donovan couldnt. Hes not
    even what I’d consider a star in world football. Can you really put him in
    the same category as messi, ronaldo, rooney, febregas, villa and so on? No.

  13. anggasaragih1114 says:

    cuz donovan went on a diving header, but ianni followed him with a tackle,
    which is dangerous

  14. TheAfiq32 says:

    donovan was calling for the ball going past the goal line..

  15. FavreianVengeance says:

    1:43 – LMAO – LD talks serious trash to the guy on the ground.

  16. anggasaragih1114 says:

    true, also maybe because ianni’s hands was everywhere while donovan was
    trying to get into position, which is dirty

  17. quikandsilva says:

    @lilmarzet lol maybe beckham and dwight yorke.

  18. MrFlyPerfect says:

    1:46 La Chupacabra bitching out Ianni is priceless

  19. big09Kenny says:

    It doesn’t figure.

  20. Adrian Davies says:

    haha that commentator giving advice to beckham…

  21. SexyCelebrityVideos says:


  22. Socalplyr213 says:

    donovan and everton

  23. shoexy says:

    Did they got the commentators from the basketball channel?

  24. rudolph says:

    Why is everyone complaining about the commentators? I don’t seem to mind

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